Hybrid Email Hosting

Get the right solution for everyone and save your budget at the same time!

Combine Multiple Email Services Use Office 365, Exchange, G Suite, or other email systems - all on the same domain

Do your email users have different needs? If so, Webservio's Hybrid Email is the best way to provide them with the best messaging environment while saving money!

Choice of Service

Give some users the powerful features of Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or G Suite while others utilize Webservio's Izzymail for basic email service.


Webservio's Hybrid Email will work with your existing email security service or on-premise servers.

Expert Support

Our email specialists will ensure a seamless transition and help you customize your email systems however you want.

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Optimize Your Budget

Webservio’s Hybrid Email is likely to provide a considerable savings compared to the cost of keeping all users on your in-house Exchange or moving all users to a cloud solution.

Many employees may not need all the features that Exchange or cloud-based services offer. Using Webservio's IzzyMail for basic email users helps increase your savings so that employees who really need high availability and collaboration features can have the cloud-based email that is best for them. Choose from G Suite, Office 365, and Hosted Exchange.

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The Power of Choice

You get the flexibility to choose the options that make sense for your business.

For example, you could continue to use an in-house Exchange server for corporate accounts, utilize Office 365 for outside sales reps, and provide Webservio’s Izzymail to other employees. Choice means you can keep everybody happy! Giving teams the right features for their job role will improve their effectiveness.

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Seamless Mergers and Acquisitions

Combining companies or divisions can be a big challenge. Hybrid email makes it easier.

It doesn't always make sense to migrate everyone to the same email system, especially if your teams are spread across multiple continents or perform very different functions. Hybrid email lets you choose the best option for each group.

If you do choose to migrate some user accounts, we can help with that too! Our seamless migration process ensures a smooth transition with no downtime.

Is Hybrid Email right for your company? Find out today!

Talk with a Consultant
Other providers may try to box you into their particular service. We like options! Our range of services means you'll get the best fit for your company. And our friendly consultants means you don't have to figure it out on your own.

Hybrid Email Service Options

Choose multiple email services for your company - all using the same domain name!

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    Webservio's Hosted Exchange is on a highly reliable cloud system with a 99.999% uptime guarantee. Hybrid Email will also work with your on-premise Exchange server.

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    Office 365

    Microsoft Office 365 is a popular choice for many organizations. You get email, collaboration, project management, file storage, document editing, and more at a small business price.

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    G Suite

    G Suite includes familiar Google apps along with special tools to create business documents and websites. It's an excellent choice for teams working remotely.

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    Izzymail VPS

    Our Izzymail VPS is popular for its cost-effective balance of flexibility and security. Each VPS system has its own dedicated IP with firewall protection, and there's no limit on the number of accounts.

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    Your Choice

    Don't see your email service listed here? Hybrid Email works with most email systems. Schedule a phone consultation to talk with us about your particular scenario.

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