G Suite for Business (Google Apps)

Work Together Better Than Ever

G Suite improves collaboration and productivity across teams by keeping everyone connected no matter where they're working. G Suite for business includes powerful tools for chat, video conferencing, and collaborating in ways you never thought possible.

G Suite for Business Familiar Google apps and email with added power tools to keep you connected and moving forward.

Gmail Inbox

G Suite allows you to use your own domain name.

Collaboration Tools

Office 365 is designed to bring people together for meetings, projects, and other collaboration. Work together more efficiently.

Powerful Software

Office 365 includes online versions of familiar tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. The licensing option lets you also install these programs on all the devices you use.

Choosing Webservio gives you options you won't have with other providers.

We know there are other places you can purchase G Suite. Choosing Webservio means you can streamline and customize your email solution. Out of the box services aren't a fit for every business. We specialize in custom-tailored services that keep pace with the way you work and accelerate your success.

With Webservio's comprehensive range of services for all aspects of email and web hosting, you'll never be stuck with a mediocre solution. Your dedicated consultant will work with you and your team to find the combination of features that check all the boxes on your IT wishlist!

G Suite includes great tools for communication and collaboration all hosted in the cloud. However, not all teams and roles in your company have the same needs. Webservio engineers are experts at hybrid email configurations, meaning that you can combine multiple services both in the cloud and on-premise to get the solution for your business.

If the Google Cloud doesn't meet your data privacy requirements, Hosted Exchange may be a better fit. If you just need more stringent email filtering, DLP controls, or compliant email archiving, there are add-on services that work in conjunction with G Suite. Even if your organization doesn't need these additional services now, a lot can change in a year or two! Choosing Webservio means you have a range of service options that will adapt with your growing business.

Webservio migration specialists are knowledgeable and experienced to ensure your migration is a seamless experience. Moving your email and data to a new service can be daunting, and success requires having an organized plan. Webservio's onboarding and migration team will walk you through the planning process and help you configure your new services with the right settings for your organization and industry. Learn More >>

Never wonder who to call! Every Webservio client has a dedicated account representative to provide consultation about service features and other service options, ensuring your business is utilizing the best technology solutions available. For technical questions and troubleshooting, Webservio provides 24/7 support via online ticketing, managed only by US-based technicians. Customized SLAs and support packages are also available for special provisions, such as a dedicated support representative.

Benefits of G Suite

Worry less and work easier with the best-in-class cloud-based productivity suite.

Improve Employee Productivity

Give your team the tools they need to work together and coordinate projects from wherever they are. Office 365 provides flexibility that allows everyone work the way they work best (in and out of the office) while using trusted business applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. Users have a consistent experience across every device, including iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Administrators can also access Office 365 anywhere they go and on any device.

Employees can share documents securely, work on edits together in real time from separate locations, and hold productive meetings via chat, audio, or video conferencing. Security policies can be customized by user and device to ensure the right level of protection for your data. Share information across teams, and enable employees to make faster, more informed decisions for the business. Whether your collaboration needs are simple or advanced, Office 365 makes working together smooth, secure, and productive.

Designed for the Modern Workplace

Business today happens 24/7 on all kinds of devices, in different buildings, cities, and even across continents. The 9-5 office + desktop way of working is becoming obsolete, and your customers and partners expect a fast response no matter what time of day it is. Office 365 gives you access to email and documents wherever you go. Switch seamlessly between your desktop at the office, your phone when out for a meeting, and your tablet in a coffee shop or at home in the evening.

More importantly, your competitors are working this way. If you’re not in the cloud, you're falling behind. Office 365 gives you the advanced tools you need to stay in the game.

Predictable and Manageable Costs

Office 365 is a complete solution for your employees to communicate, collaborate, and manage important data at the office and when working remotely. Normally, this would require purchasing multiple software and cloud-based solutions from different providers. Microsoft has packaged it all together as an integrated solution with a low monthly subscription cost.

Now you can more accurately predict your IT budget. There's no equipment to purchase or maintain, and you can easily scale up and down by adding or changing employees with one click.

Protect What You Value Most

Office 365 is hosted in the trusted Microsoft cloud, which allows you to manage your data permissions and backups. Your emails and files will be stored in data centers with highly reliable infrastructure. These facilities are staffed by world-class experts who follow best-practices to meet strict compliance standards. Office 365 includes a financially backed guarantee of 99.9% uptime with upgrades and patches that are automatically applied so your IT team isn't slowed down by tedious management tasks.

You will always own and control your data, even if you decide to cancel your Office 365 subscription at a later date. If you have compliance needs, features like mobile device management, data loss prevention and rights management services allow you to adjust settings according to the regulations in your industry.

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Talk with a Consultant
Webservio offers a range of email hosting options. So you can know we won't try to box you into a particular service. We will help you determine the best option for your company based on its unique challenges and goals.

G Suite Components

Connect People and Teams with G Suite

G Suite gives you all the tools you need for business communication and collaboration, including email, video meetings, chat, and online presentations. In addition, you can do organization-wide searches to quickly find a particular email or file.

  • Gmail Icon

    Business email with your company's domain name

  • Google Calendar Icon

    Coordinate team schedules and tasks

  • Google Hangouts Icon

    Easy video meetings and chat

  • Google Current Icon

    Company-wide discussion board

  • Jamboard Icon

    Presentations and brainstorming on a digital whiteboard

  • Google Drive Icon

    Cloud-based file storage for access to everything whenever and wherever you need it

  • Google Vault Icon

    Archiving and eDiscovery for all your emails, conversations, and files

Create Documents and Presentations with G Suite

G Suite apps allow you to easily create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, websites, and more. Real-time editing with multiple users allows you to work together remotely as easily as if you were in the same room.

  • Google Docs Icon

    Create documents with real-time editing

  • Google Sheets Icon

    Spreadsheets to organize and track data

  • Google Slides Icon

    Create multimedia presentations

  • Google Forms Icon

    Easily build online surveys and forms

  • Google Sites Icon

    Create websites for internal use or to publish publicly

  • Google App Maker Icon
    App Maker

    Build custom business apps

G Suite Business Features

G Suite includes a variety of apps and features to leverage for better collaboration and productivity. Not all features are included with all plans. Check the package options to find the right combination of features for your organization.


Business email for yourname@yourbusiness.com with the option to add role-based distribution emails like sales@yourbusiness.com.

Access Options

Log into the familiar Gmail interface, the mobile app, or connect your account to your favorite email client, such as Outlook or Apple Mail.


Business plan users get unlimited storage and can send attachments up to 25 MB in size. Larger files can be shared with Google Drive.


Easy scheduling to send invites and share calendars with other team members.


Sync contacts across all your devices in real time.

99.9% Uptime

G Suite has a financially-backed SLA guarantee

Exchange Online Protection

Spam, virus, and malware filtering that eliminates email threats before they can reach your network or inbox and also scans outbound emails to protect IP reputation and apply DLP measures.

Message Encryption

Users can choose to encrypt specific messages and policy-based encryption can be automatically applied to outbound emails.

Online Documents

Create, edit, and share documents or presentations online with your favorite Office applications on any computer, tablet, or mobile device

Office Licensing

Each Microsoft Office user can install their license on up to 5 PCs/Macs, 5 tablets, and 5 iOS, Android, or Windows phones.

OneDrive for Business

1 TB of storage with online and offline access and automatic syncing of files to reflect the most recent edits.

Unifed eDiscovery

Search across SharePoint, Skype for Business, Exchange mailboxes, and other Office 365 content.

Virtual Meetings

Gather up to 250 people with HD Video Conferencing, one-click screen sharing, real-time notetaking, and integrated invites via Outlook.

Easy Presentations

Present a PowerPoint, review a Word document, or use a virtual whiteboard to keep everyone engaged and on the same page.

Instant Messaging

Connect people and teams via online chat with Skype or Teams apps.

Co-Author Documents

Save your files to OneDrive or SharePoint and make edits simultaneously with other users in real time.

Easy Administration

The online management area allows administrators to adjust settings, modify users, manage privacy controls, and more.

Active Directory

Connect your existing Active Directory to sync users, permissions, and enable single sign-on.

Automatic Updates

Version upgrades and patches are applied automatically.

Rights Management

Restrict access to documents and email to specific people and to prevent anyone else from viewing or editing them, even if they are sent outside the organization.

Document History

See what changes were made, by whom, and when. You can also revert back to a previous version.

App Permissions

Users can manage which apps have access to their data and revoke permission at anytime.

Remote Wipe

Wipe your data from a lost device to prevent unauthorized access.


Customize Office 365 with your company logo and/or apply branding text or disclaimers to all outbound emails.

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