FuseMail Management Suite

Email continuity, encryption, archiving, and more


Advanced threat protection with 99.9% effectiveness.

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Prevent users from clicking on suspicious email links.

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Continuous email access even in the event of a mail server outage.

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Policy-based email encryption to safeguard sensitive data.

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Protection from expensive email recovery and restoration.

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FuseMail SecureSMARTEmail Security

The FuseMail SecureSMART platform blocks at least 99.9% of spam with less than 0.01% false positives. This cloud-based email security suite uses six layers of scanning to detect viruses and malware, bulk mail, phishing, and spoofing. Advanced policies allow administrators to customize and refine filtering criteria. Image analysis, large file handling, and URL protection provide added levels of protection.

FuseMail Overview & Features
Man at desktop computer using FuseMail SecureSMART portal.
FuseMail SecureSMART Datasheet

Learn more about how SecureSMART blocks email threats before they reach your network.

FuseMail ClickSMARTURL Protection

ClickSMART helps prevent employees from clicking on potentially malicious email links. FuseMail rewrites each link and then rescans the URL in real-time when a user clicks. If the link is determined to be suspicious, the user will be warned about the risks of proceeding or blocked from accessing the dangerous web page. FuseMail ClickSMART helps protect against the latest phishing and ransomware attacks that are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Preview of FuseMail ClickSMART explainer video
How ClickSMART Works

See how ClickSMART protects you from weaponized links.

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FuseMail ClickSMART Datasheet

Learn how ClickSMART protects your organization from malicious URLs hidden in emails.

FuseMail ContinuitySMARTEmail Continuity

FuseMail ContinuitySMART gives you continuous email access along with retrieval of accidentally deleted emails. It is inevitable that at some point your email system will experience an outage due to maintenance, loss of internet connection, hardware failure, or some other unexpected incident. ContinuitySMART prevents this type of occurrence from causing business interruptions.

If employees are unable to access emails using their normal method, they can simply log into their personalized FuseMail portal to view new emails, reply, and see up to 90 days of message history. Anyone sending emails to your business will never know the difference, and all messages will be delivered to your mail system like normal once it is back online.

Preview of FuseMail ContinuitySMART explainer video
How ContinuitySMART Works

See how ContinuitySMART gives you continuous email access.

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FuseMail ContinuitySMART Datasheet

Learn how ContinuitySMART protects your company from data loss and email outages.

FuseMail EncryptSMARTEmail Encryption

EncryptSMART is essential to protect private or confidential data sent in an email or as an attachment. Email encryption is required for many compliance policies, such as HIPAA, but it is a valuable tool to have even if your business is not subject to those standards.

With FuseMail EncryptSMART, an adminstrator can create policies that automatically encrypt certain types of emails. Senders don't have to worry about remembering to manually select encryption, and recipients can easily access the email online using a unique message link. There is not any software to download!

Doctor sending email at his desk
FuseMail EncryptSMART Datasheet

Learn how EncryptSMART provides seamless, secure cloud-based email encryption.

FuseMail VaultSMARTEmail Archiving

VaultSMART gives administrators easy and reliable access to an archive of all company emails. Having an email archive saves valuable time when searching for a particular piece of info or gathering documentation for a legal case. End users can also log in to the FuseMail portal and search their personal email history. FuseMail VaultSMART includes unlimited storage and archives both incoming and outgoing messages.

Preview of FuseMail VaultSMART explainer video
How VaultSMART Works

See how VaultSMART provides reliable email archving accessible from the FuseMail portal.

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FuseMail VaultSMART Datasheet

Learn how VaultSMART protects your organization and prevents expensive email record recovery.

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