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Secure Hosting

Webservio offers managed and unmanaged hosting solutions with a wide variety of add-ons and custom configurations. Our facilities and servers are designed to maximize security and uptime. Whether you need hosting for a website, application, software development, or some other project, we have a solution to fit your requirements.

Custom Dedicated Servers or VPS Hosting

Webservio dedicated servers and VPS hosting utilize virtualization software to maximize flexibility and scalability. Firewalls, intrusion detection, load balancing, geographical redundancy, Windows licensing, and many other customizations are available to provide a secure hosting solution specific to your requirements. Schedule a consultation today to get started!

Economy Dedicated Servers

Our managed dedicated servers include engineering support for monitoring, security scanning, repairs, and more. Unmanged dedicated servers are also available. All servers can be configured with additional storage, IPs, backups, and other add-ons.

Economy VPS Hosting

Our economy VPS systems are hosted in state-of-the-art data facilities in the United States. These rapid-deployment VPSs run 64-bit CentOS 6.x on robust host servers virtualized with Parallels Virtuozzo.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting uses virtualization and redundant systems to provide a hosting solution with maximum uptime and scalability. Webservio partners with several providers so you can choose the cloud that best suits your project specifications and budget.

Premium Shared Hosting

Webservio Premium Shared Hosting provides a more secure and reliable server environment at an affordable price. Firewall and intrusion detection help protect your website against the latest threats, and email is hosted on a separate system for better security and reliability. You won't find a solution like this anywhere else!

Economy Shared Hosting

Our basic shared hosting is available on Linux platform with cPanel or Windows platform with Plesk. Easy control panel management and the Softaculous application installer, along with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, allow you to maximize the potential of shared hosting.

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Custom Email Solutions

For most businesses, nothing gets done without email. At Webservio, we understand how critical it is to have reliable email communications. Our email solutions combine hosting, email security, and failover. Email continuity, archiving, encryption, and/or routing can be added for a full-featured solution customized for the way you use email.

Email Management

Our team of technical engineers and consultants have years of experience designing custom email solutions. If you have repeatedly heard that your ideal scenario cannot be done or is too complex, then you've come to the right place.

We are able to use email routing services to streamline email management, create hybrid email solutions with multiple mail servers, and ensure a failover system is in place for all of these moving parts. Our team is used to dealing with international and enterprise-level organizations with complicated email infrastructures. Schedule a consultation today to get started!

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based productivity and collaboration suite. Leverage the power of tools like SharePoint and Lync for project management and collaboration. Access and edit files from anywhere with OneDrive and Microsoft Office online. Plus get highly available email service synced across all your devices and much more!

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange allows you to leverage the power of Microsoft Exchange Server without the tedious maintenance that comes with maintaining an in-house mail server. Our highly reliable systems provide 99.999% uptime along with many add-ons and configurations, including integration with SharePoint and Lync 2013 collaboration software.

VPS Email Hosting

Webservio's VPS mail servers provide a high degree of security and reliability at an affordable price. Combine this service with any of our other custom email options for a robust email management solution.

Shared Email Hosting

Webservio's shared email hosting is ideal for small business or personal email users. Like our other options, it includes spam filtering and email failover along with firewall protection. It can be bundled with our Premium Shared web hosting for a complete hosting solution.

Email Security

With the rise of spamming and phishing, email security is essential to protect your mail server and office network from viruses, malware, trojans, data mining, and other threats. Webservio has partnered with industry-leaders to provide you with the best solutions available for email filtering, data loss prevention (DLP), encryption, and archiving.

Email Disaster Recovery

Having a plan for email disaster recovery is a critical part of business continuity. Webservio's Message Continuity and Mail Bagging services will manage all the email sent and received by your employees during downtime of your primary mail server. When your server is restored, it will receive a history of all correspondence without your business missing a beat.

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Data Services

Webservio's wide range of partnerships ensure you get the best price in your area with the features you need for your business internet connection. If you also need phone and/or cable connectivity, we can create bundled packages. Request a quote today to see how much you can save! Webservio also has a network of data facilities across the United States that provide colocation services with expert engineers available to help as needed.

Internet Bandwidth and Point-to-Point

Our network of providers across the country allow you to get discounted rates on internet service. For those located in the vicinity of our headquarters of Knoxville, TN, we are able to provide point-to-point connection options as well.

Voice Connections

Webservio offers a range of voice service options through its partners. Available services include VOIP Dynamic T-1, VOIP PRI, Hosted IP-PBX, Audio/Video conferencing, and more.

Cable TV

Bundle cable TV with your internet or phone service to get reduced rates. We have partnered with a range of partners to ensure you get the best prices available in your area.


Colocating with Webservio can provide your company with the bandwidth, power, security, and redundancy it needs at a fraction of what it would cost to install and maintain at your own location. Our facilities allow for 24/7 access so that you can manage your equipment on your schedule. Colocation from 1U to full cabinet is available at the following data centers: