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Email is one of the most popular online communication tools.  Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most dangerous.

Cyber criminals leverage freely available information to create emails most likely to appeal to their targets.

Educate yourself and your employees to be on the lookout for these common social engineering techniques used by cyber criminals across the globe:

Money BaitBaiting
A cyber criminal offers an incentive to draw in a target.  This can be an effective way to convince an employee to download malicious software onto his/her workstation
Mask IconPretexting
An attacker uses misrepresentation to gain access to privileged information.
Thief IconPhishing
An attacker attempts to obtain private information, such as a social security number or authorization code, by disguising the email as being sent from a trusted source
Spear Fish IconSpear-Phishing
This is a derivative of phishing where a specific person or role within an organization is target

Imposter Attacks on the Rise

Imposter attacks are becoming increasingly common. One or all of these techniques may be used in a single email:

  1. Cyber criminals use services like LinkedIn to examine business relationships and gather employee names and positions.
  2. Social media posts may act as examples of the CEO or other executive's written communication style.
  3. Criminals often time attacks to correspond with the busiest times of day when recipients might be more likely to quickly act on a request without carefully examining an email or asking questions about a transaction.

Employee education and training is critical.

According to the 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report by Verizon, nearly one in four employees will open a phishing email.

Adopt a real-world training approach.

Smart companies incorporate security testing.  These simulations allow employees to see what an attack looks like and how easily it can happen.  Most importantly, this kind of approach lets companies assess the security awareness of their staff, the effectiveness of their security training, and ensures all services, applications, and networks are prepared to deal with potential threats.

Increase Your Email Security Today

Webservio has partnered with the best in the industry to provide you with options for integrated email security and failover.

Our network of providers can provide dynamic fraud protection to stop imposter emails and give your business the assurance of real-time protection from emerging threats.

Google Apps FuseMail SpamWeeder Premium
Edgewave ePrism Proofpoint Essentials Mimecast UEM

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