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Introducing Mimecast Unified Email Management

Webservio is proud to be a Mimecast partner. Mimecast Unified Email Management is a premier provider of email security services. The unique advantage of Mimecast is its seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook. Simplify your email infrastructure and improve its reliability with one or all of these Mimecast services:

Mimecast Email Security

Email Security

Mimecast Secure Email Gateways use multiple layers of analysis to detect threats and reject spam messages. Administrators are able to create granular filtering policies. Users can easily add/block senders and report spam directly from Outlook or the Mimecast mobile app.

Mimecast Email Continuity

Email Continuity

Mimecast Email Continuity ensures that your organization never loses the ability to send and receive emails. If your mail server goes down, the Mimecast system takes over to provide seamless access to email correspondence.

Mimecast Email Archiving

Email Archiving

With Mimecast Archiving, emails are stored in a highly secured, redundant cloud system. Import capabilities mean you can have your company's entire email history all in one streamlined system.

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