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Security Risks of Integrated Systems
Are the website and email for your organization being hosted on the same server? This is the typical scenario of many hosting systems. However, it is a problematic setup with risks such as:
  • Minimal or no firewall protection - Firewall functions are often managed by a server-side application rather than a separate appliance.
  • Basic or no spam filtering - If used, spam filtering is often done by the same server. In this case, an email attack could bring the whole server down.
  • Control panel vulnerabilities - Once breached, a management console, like cPanel or Plesk, gives the hacker control over every aspect of your website and email.
  • More open ports - More functions = More open ports = Higher server vulnerability
  • DNS management - Control panels may allow management of DNS entries. This means anyone with access can reroute your web domain or email to a totally different site/server.
Hosting Security Series
This email is part of a series on hosting security. Previous topics are viewable in the archive:
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