Advanced Protection

Enterprise-level security, continuity, and archiving for small and medium businesses.

Proofpoint Essentials SMEs are targeted with the same attacks as larger organizations. Proofpoint Essentials means you don't have to skimp on security - even with a small business budget.

Proofpoint Essentials is specially designed to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Essentials is a proven and reliable filtering system with Email Continuity and Archiving to provide a full-featured solution for enterprise-level email security and disaster recovery. It combines several email protection and failover services into one comprehensive cybersecurity solution. All of these services can be accessed and managed from the Proofpoint Essentials online console, which has a streamlined design to provide an intuitive user experience.

Essentials leverages the enterprise-grade filtering engine developed by Proofpoint to provide zero-hour anti-virus and spam protection with policy-based content filtering.

Email Continuity ensures users always have access to send and receive messages even in the event of primary server downtime.

Email Archiving provides for secure and easily accessible storage of email history up to ten years.

Benefits of Proofpoint Essentials Eliminate management headaches by upgrading your email protection, continuity, archiving, and encryption with one streamlined solution.

Advanced Threat Protection

Proofpoint Essentials is a streamlined version of the acclaimed Proofpoint Enterprise.

Proofpoint Essentials email filtering is powered by Proofpoint MLX, which uses specialized algorithms and machine learning to detect the latest threats, including spam, viruses, malware, phishing attacks, and more. The Proofpoint Essentials system analyzes over one million attributes to ensure highly effective protection with a low false positive rate.

Flexibility that Works for You

The Proofpoint Essentials interface allows an administrator to manage and customize many aspects of the service for a fully integrated cybersecurity solution.

The Email Protection service includes options to tweak settings and create custom content filters. Outbound filtering can be used to fulfill compliance guidelines and other content rules to protect company reputation.

Email Continuity and Archiving settings and privileges can also be adjusted to fit the way your company works. In addition, archiving access can be enabled for just a subset of users, and Proofpoint Essentials keeps a full record of search history for data security purposes.

Improve Business Productivity

An effective email protection service, like Proofpoint Essentials, can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on email-related tasks for both employees and network administrators.

Fewer spam messages being delivered to employee inboxes can significantly reduce the amount of time spent sorting and reading emails. In addition, better protection from viruses, malware, and other email attacks means administrators aren't preoccupied with damage control and can focus on higher value projects.

Having email continuity ensures server downtime will not bring your company's operations to a standstill. This saves your organization time and money. With advance preparation and training, employees can already be familiarized with the Message Continuity system. Disaster recovery planning minimizes confusion and keeps your tech team from being overwhelmed with questions at a time when they are working hard to restore the primary mail service.

Protect Your Business Reputation

Because email is mission-critical to your organization, any downtime or data loss can result in serious consequences.

Without an email failover service, all emails sent to your organization would bounce back, leaving the senders confused and potentially causing you to lose important business opportunities. Proofpoint Essentials includes 30 days of email spooling with an Email Continuity option available to allow employees to send and receive emails directly through the Proofpoint Essentials web portal.

Data Loss Prevention measures (DLP) are built into Proofpoint Essentials. Options for disclaimers, policy-based TLS encryption, large file handling, and more provide multiple layers of data security to help prevent sensitive documents or information from being emailed outside your organization.

Works With Your Existing Network

There is no need to purchase new equipment or alter your existing network infrastructure. In addition, Proofpoint Essentials can be configured to work with hosted email services like Office 365 and G Suite (formerly GoogleApps).

Webservio engineers will provide all information necessary to complete set-up of your Essentials services. The process is simple with just a few changes to your DNS and mail server settings.

How Proofpoint Essentials Works

Uptime Downtime
  1. All incoming emails will first pass through the Proofpoint Essentials filtering system. Blatant spam is blocked.
  2. Hundreds of thousands of attributes are checked in every email to detect malicious attachments, suspicious links, and potential spam or phishing content.
  3. Custom filtering policies are applied to messages with the option of overriding other filtering parameters.
  4. Legitimate messages are sent onto the email server(s) while suspicious messages are quarantined for review by an administrator and/or employees.
  5. An administrator can log into the web-based portal to adjust filtering settings and other management functions. Users may also be given permission to customize their security settings.
  6. Messages sent internally (between employees on the same mail server) do not pass through the email security system.
  7. Emails sent from your mail server(s) to outside recipients will pass through Proofpoint Essentials outbound filtering (if enabled). Emails with viruses or other suspicious content will be blocked or quarantined. Data protection policies will be enforced along with encryption if enabled.

Proofpoint Essentials Email Protection Filters

Proofpoint Essentials simplifies email security with Targeted Attack Protection and Zero Hour Defense to automatically guard against emerging email threats. Customizable filters and other controls allow you to fine-tune Essentials organization-wide, per domain, or even each user.

Sender Reputation and Lists

Proofpoint Essentials uses a variety of blacklists and DNS checks to determine the legitimacy of a sender. DNS checks can be disabled on a domain-wide basis. Optional spoofing protection will quarantine inbound email sent by the active domain(s).

Domain-wide and user-level safe or blocked senders lists can be utilized to override filtering controls. Entries can be added based on email address, domain name, or IP address, including wildcard characters. Blocked sender emails will automatically be quarantined, and all safe sender emails will be delivered.

Content Analysis

Proofpoint MLX technology provides maximum protection against spam, phishing and other types of email threats. Administrative controls allow adjustments to the spam sensitivity levels with the option to enable user-specific levels. Optional features include the option to automatically quarantine suspected phishing and/or bulk emails.

URL and Attachment Defense

Targeted Attack Protection includes URL and Attachment Defense to detect malicious URLs or attachments that could contain a virus, malware, ransomware, or other attack. Big Data and machine learning heuristics are used to identify email links that may be malicious and prevent these messages from making it to a user's inbox. URL Defense combines multiple levels of analysis: reputation-based checks, website content and code, user-specific behavioral patterns. URLs can be rewritten or excluded with exceptions made by domain or IP address.

Custom Filters

Proofpoint Essentials allows the creation of custom email filters for inbound or outbound messages. Filters utilize 'and' logic with the option to add multiple conditions and multiple actions.

Available conditions include sender/recipient address, sending IP location, email size or length, and attachment type or name. Conditions can also be specified for keywords in the email header, subject, and/or body. Possible actions include quarantine, allow, or do nothing.

Data Loss Prevention Controls

When outbound filtering is enabled, Proofpoint Essentials will scan outbound messages, including attachments. Custom filters can be added to check for specific keywords, attachment types, etc. The optional DLP feature allows a company-wide disclaimer to be appended to all outbound emails with an option for separate HTML and plain text versions.

Proofpoint Essentials Features

MX Record Protection

Two Proofpoint Essentials hostnames will replace your existing MX records. This DNS configuration ensures that all messages pass through the email security system.

Inbound/Outbound Protection

All inbound messages are scanned for viruses, malware, and other suspicious content. Outbound filtering can be enabled for an additional layer of protection.

Advanced Threat Protection

Targeted Attack Protection and Zero Hour Defense guard against emerging email threats. The Proofpoint cloud processes billions of messages each week, ensuring quick identification of trends and attack patterns with filtering definitions updated automatically.

Adjust Filtering Controls

Essentials content filtering controls provide mulitple options to protect against spam, phishing and other dangerous emails.

Message Quarantine

Quarantine retention can be set for any number of days up to 30 days. Quarantine digest emails can be sent daily or mulitple times a day. Certain types of messages, such as those from blocked senders, can be excluded from digest emails.

Sender Lists

Lists for blocked and safe senders can be managed by administrators and users.

Spam Stamp and Disclaimer

A subject-line alert can be added to suspected spam. A spam reporting disclaimer can also be added to email that pass the filtering controls.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

With outbound filtering enabled, DLP controls can be enforced.

Social Media Protection

Social Media Account Protection is available as an add-on to monitor up to three accounts on major social networks.

High Availability

Proofpoint Essentials is hosted in a cloud configuration across multiple locations to maximize reliability.

Delivery Routes

Delivery can be configured to one primary destination along with up to four failover options.

Delivery Attempt Cycle

If your email system is unavailable, messages will be held and delivery re-attempted on a recurring cycle.

Instant Replay

Instant Replay allows users to re-deliver messages received in the past 30 days.

Email Continuity

When enabled, users can access their Email Continuity account via the web portal. A 30-day message history will be available.

Secure Storage

Archived data is encrypted and stored separately from other accounts.

10-Year Retention

Up to ten years of email history can be kept in the archive without storage space restrictions.

Search and E-Discovery

Users can easily find emails with fully indexed rapid search features available in the web portal.

Outbound Journaling

Enable email journaling on your mail server to have a copy of all outbound messages saved to the archive.

Data Ingestion

2GB of ingested data per mailbox is included with additional storage available.


The portal and email templates can be set to English (US or UK), Danish, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish.

Adding Users

Options to add users include Active Directory Sync with Exchange or Azure and SMTP Discovery. With SMTP Discovery a report on new users and aliases can be sent to an administrator. Users can also be added manually or by uploading a .csv file. A user cap can be enforced to prevent licensing overages.

User Permissions

Users can be given the ability to manage their settings, including aliases, spam sensitivity, quarantine digest schedule, edit sender lists, create custom filters and disclaimers. Users can also be designated as an Organization Admin with some or all admin privileges.

Company Branding

Quarantine Digest emails and the web portal interface can be customized with your company's name, logo, color scheme.


Email templates for a welcome message, quarantine digest, and password reset are included in multiple languages and can be edited by the administrator.


Email logs can be viewed per user or group. Logs can be filtered by inbound/outbound, date/time recieved, status, sender, recipient, subject.


Pre-configured reports are available to view within the administration portal, and reports can be sent on a set schedule.

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