Fully Integrated Email Management

Seamless email security, continuity, and archiving

What is Mimecast UEM? Enterprise-level email protection for businesses of all sizes

A Complete Solution

With Mimecast, your organization can have an integrated suite of email protection services, including spam filtering, email continuity, and archiving. Choose the combination of services that's right for your business, and enjoy easy access directly from Outlook or via mobile app when you're on the go.

Mimecast Secure Email Gateways scan all emails sent to or from your mail server using multiple layers of analysis to detect threats.

Mimecast Email Continuity provides failover email service in the event that your mail server is offline. Seamless integration with Outlook means users can easily access their emails with no interruption.

Mimecast Archiving provides fully compliant email storage with a retention time of up to 99 years and no space restriction!

Benefits of Mimecast UEM Advanced email security and compliancy that works with the way you work.

Email Protection with Unparalleled Reliability

Mimecast provides a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA), including a 100% uptime guarantee.

Mimecast UEM is supported by a highly redundant cloud infrastructure that ensures your services never go down. Stop wasting valuable time maintaining your own infrastructure or dealing with the frustrations of less reliable hosted services. Mimecast provides 100% service availability, with monetary compensation given in the event the SLA is not met.

Also included in the financially-backed SLA are provisions for 100% virus protection and 99% spam filtering accuracy with less than 0.0001% false positives and less than 2% false negatives. Mimecast Email Archiving includes a 7-second SLA ensuring speedy results even for complex archive searches.

Reduce Email Complexity

Mimecast offers spam filtering, email continuity, and archiving to provide full-featured email protection services all integrated into a single interface.

Maintaining these systems yourself is costly and extremely time consuming. Choosing other providers for these services can be a headache, because you have to figure out and maintain multiple systems with different administration consoles. Mimecast services are managed from a single web-based administrative area. End-users can manage their services directly from Outlook, through the mobile app, or with the online portal.

With Webservio, you can simplify your Internet services even further by choosing from our web hosting and email hosting options. Having multiple providers can make it a hassle just to get simple issues resolved. Consolidate all your services with Webservio, and you will always know where to go for support.

Simplify Email Management

Mimecast's integration features means that administrators and users have easy access to the tools they need, ensuring that data protection policies are actually followed.

Users have multiple options for accessing their Mimecast UEM services, including directly through Outlook, mobile apps, or the online portal. No matter where they are, your organization's employees will have easy and secure access to their email services and settings. Simplifying access ensures better security, since it reduces the temptation to use personal accounts or other less secure methods for work-related tasks. It also cuts down on the time system administrators have to spend providing user support.

In addition, Mimecast UEM's advanced policy capabilities make it possible for many DLP measures to be automatically applied based on rules without depending on user action. For example, encryption and/or disclaimers can be added to outbound emails that match certain characteristics or tags can be associated with certain types of emails to aid in archive searches.

Fully Compliant Email Archiving

Using Mimecast Archiving ensures your company has a full history of emails to provide documentation necessary for compliance with regulatory provisions or legal action.

Your company's emails are secured with SSL during transmission and by AES encryption within the storage infrastructure. At least three copies of each file are stored in at least two separate locations, and a full chain of custody is maintained for each message. In addition, a full history of emails can be imported into the Mimecast Archive to ensure you have a truly complete archive.

Easy Configuration with Your Existing Network

There is no need to purchase new equipment or alter your existing network infrastructure. In addition, Mimecast can be configured to work with hosted email services like Office 365 and G Suite (formerly GoogleApps).

Webservio engineers will provide all information necessary to complete set-up of your Mimecast UEM services. The process is simple with just a few changes to your DNS and mail server settings. Deployment tools streamline the process of installing the Outlook integration plugin to ensure all users have easy access to Mimecast services on their desktop email client.

How Mimecast Email Management Works

Uptime Downtime
  1. All incoming emails first pass through the Mimecast Secure Email Gateways. Suspicious connections are terminated.
  2. Messages are analyzed based on many criteria, and zero-hour threat definitions are updated every few minutes to protect against the latest malicious patterns and viruses. In addition to the system-wide filtering definitions, policy-based filters and allow/block lists implemented by domain administrators and users are applied in real time.
  3. Suspicious messages are sent to a spam quarantine, which can be accessed by users through Outlook, the web portal, or the mobile app. Legitimate messages can be moved to the user's inbox.
  4. An administrator can log into the web-based portal to adjust filtering settings, update the white/black lists, view reports and logs, along with other management functions.
  5. Messages sent internally (between employees on the same mail server) do not pass through the Mimecast system.
  6. Emails sent from your mail server to outside recipients pass through Mimecast's outbound filtering. Emails with viruses or other suspicious content will be blocked or quarantined. Data protection policies will be enforced along with encryption if enabled.
  7. If archving is included with your Mimecast service, all inbound and outbound messages will be copied to the cloud storage system. Users and administrators can search based on message subject, sender, date, content, tags, and more.

Mimecast Email Security Filters

Mimecast Unified Email Management (UEM) is a full-featured solution offering reliable email services for companies of all sizes. It offers more advanced filtering options compared to most other providers. Custom rulesets can be created for inbound and/or outbound messages.

Sender Reputation and Lists

Mimecast uses a variety of blacklists, DKIM/SPF checks, and other tests to determine the legitimacy of a sender. SPF checks can be enabled as part of Mimecast's Anti-Spoofing protection, which also includes the option to exempt certain messages from the checks. A DKIM signature can be added to outbound messages.

Domain-wide and user-level permitted or blocked senders lists can be utilized to override filtering controls, though virus/malware scanning will always be performed. Entries can be added based on email address, domain name, or IP address. Users can manage their own allow and block lists directly from Outlook.

Content Examination

Mimecast allows for granular filtering of emails based on their content. Content rules include a description of what content to look for and the associated action that should be taken if the message is a match. Possible actions include block, allow, hold, send notifications to specific users or groups, or alter message content. Policies can be applied to inbound and/or outbound messages. Additional parameters can be set to exempt certain messages from content filters or place a time limit on policies.

Administrators can create specific dictionaries of words and phrases to apply as content filters. This capability is especially useful for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) measures and to protect company branding and identity.

Other Restrictions

Attachment Management blocks, allows, or holds attachments based on file type or cumulative size of all attachments. Optional image scanning can be enabled to check for pornographic content. In addition, a link can be added in place of the attachment. Policies can be created to exempt certain addresses or groups from the attachment policies. Overall email size limits can also be set.

Custom Email Management

Messages can be copied to a user or group or forwarded to a different email address (internal or external) instead of the original recipient. An administrator may also implement Address Alteration for inbound or outbound messages to modify the message sender or recipient, including header information.

Compliance Policies

Implementing Data Loss Protection (DLP) policies helps protect against the accidental transmission of personally identifiable information in outbound messages. In addition, DLP is a necessary step to meet certain compliance standards, like HIPAA. Mimecast Email Security includes built-in DLP measures along with the option to create custom filters and rules. Policy-based options can enforce encryption, email routing, email stationery, and other DLP controls:

  • Stationery:
    Customized templates and disclaimers to be applied to inbound or outbound emails with the option to make certain types of emails exempt. Autoresponders can be configured to generate a reply to certain types of inbound messages from external senders.
  • Encryption:
    Mimecast offers both TLS and its own proprietary email encryption with the option to enforce encryption on all outbound messages or by policy.
  • Routing:
    Messages can be copied or re-routed to another user or group based on policy filters. This can be used for oversight, quality assurance, and many other purposes. For example, a content policy could scan for words typically used by disgruntled customers and copy all of those messages to a separate person/group for review.
  • Large File Send:
    Large attachments can be sent using a link to the hosted file. In addition, files can be stripped of metadata for added security.

Mimecast UEM Features

MX Record Protection

The Mimecast UEM records will replace your existing MX records. This DNS configuration ensures that all messages pass through the email security system. In addition, it makes it more difficult for spammers to directly target your company mail server and offers protection against denial of service (DoS) and directory harvest attacks (DHA).

Inbound/Outbound Protection

All inbound and outbound messages are scanned for viruses, malware, and suspicious content or behavior, including phishing attempts. The Mimecast SLA guarantees 100% protection against viruses and malware along with 99% of spam blocked, less than 2% false negatives and 0.0001% false positives.

Secure Email Gateways

Mimecast utilizes multi-layered detection engines and intelligence to protect your email data and network. This cloud-hosted system receives instant updates to ensure protection against the latest threats.

Held Messages

The Mimecast gateways will hold messages that are likely to be spam instead of delivering them. A digest email can be sent to each user on a specified schedule to show a list of held messages. The frequency and time of this email digest can be set for the whole domain along with custom settings for specific groups and users. Users can also review held emails directly from Outlook and choose to release any legitimate messages. Emails released from the held queue are re-scanned for viruses and malware before being delivered to ensure maximum protection against emerging threats.

Control Filtering Options

An administrator can adjust the domain-wide spam filtering levels, graymail settings, message actions, and notifications. In addition, there are many options to create custom content filters and other policies.

HIPAA Compliance

Mimecast includes multiple options to aid in compliance with HIPAA and other legal standards. These features include disclaimers and stationery, email encryption, customized message routing, and tools to safely send and receive large attachments.

High Availability

Mimecast's cloud-hosted solutions include a 100% uptime guarantee supported by a financially-backed SLA.

Regional Data Centers

Mimecast operates in multiple regions worldwide so that your data will be processed through the facilities closest to your company's location(s). This configuration helps minimize latency for faster processing speeds.

MX Backup

Mimecast will monitor the delivery routes configured within the system. In the event your mail server is unavailable, it will hold incoming messages for up to 160 hours. Past that time, the emails will be bounced to the sender or you can add Email Continuity for extended protection. Once Mimecast detects that the email server is back online, it will deliver all held messages.

Email Continuity

Add-on Email Continuity so that users can continue sending and receiving messages directly from Outlook or other devices in the event of mail server downtime. This service can be activated for all users or a select group. A 58-day archive of inbound email history is available to users while Email Continuity is active (Mimecast Archive users will have access to their full email history).

Synchronization Engine

Mimecast includes a Synchronization Engine that can be installed serverside to help in coordinating multiple mail servers.

Data Security

Mimecast Archiving encrypts all stored messages and keeps at least three copies of every file in at least two geographically-dispersed locations.

Fast Search Guarantee

Mimecast's SLA includes a 7-second search guarantee meaning that you get nearly instantaneous results even with a complex search of the full archive.

No Storage Limits

Archiving is priced on a per user basis without storage restrictions. The default retention time is 99 years, ensuring basically unlimited retention. Data ingestion options mean you can import your company's full email history.

Outbound Journaling

Enable email journaling on your mail server to have a copy of all outbound messages saved to the archive.

Policy-Based Retention

An administrator may opt to delete message content and/or metadata from the archive for specified types of emails after a certain time limit (days or minutes).

Smart Tags

Create custom policies to add tags to inbound or outbound messages in order to organize and improve archive search capabilities.

Access Logs

An administrator can view all archive access by users, including searches and message views.

Folder Replication

Mimecast Archiving optional Power Tools add-on includes the ability to replicate Exchange folders in the archive to aid in organization and help employees find emails faster.

File and IM Archving

You can also opt to add files and Lync instant messaging conversations to the archive for even better data security.

Administrative Access

Administrators can manage all Mimecast services through a single web-based interface. End-users have the option to manage their service features directly through the integrated Outlook plug-in, by using a mobile app, or via the online portal.

User Access

End-users have the option to manage their service features directly through the integrated Outlook plug-in, by using a mobile app, or via the online portal.

User Creation

Configure Active Directory Sync to automatically add users and groups based on your Exchange server organization. When outbound filtering is enabled, users can be created automatically the first time they send an email. Alternately an administrator may import users via .csv file or manually create users and groups.

User Permissions

Mimecast UEM allows an administrator to manage user authentication profiles, application settings, access, and sessions. Content Overseers are users that can be given special privileges to review held messages for a group or domain to help further fine tune filtering settings.

Statistics and Reports

Reports can be customized with multiple filters and layout options. All reports can be downloaded in .csv or .pdf format. Reports can also be automatically emailed in .pdf format on a weekly or monthly basis.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Mimecast offers several tools to monitor and troubleshoot bounces, connection issues, rejected emails, queued messages, and more. Use Message Tracking to view recently sent and received emails or search across all message status queues to troubleshoot recent message delivery.

Manage Domain and User-Level Lists

Easily manage the user-defined addresses in the auto allow, permit, and block lists. You can also search the system for specific senders to add to the lists.

Exchange Services

When enabled, manage folder replication, calendar synchronization, and other mailbox features specific to Microsoft Exchange

Multi-Language Support

All Mimecast services are available in English. The Mimecast user portal also supports German. The Mimecast Outlook plug-in also supports French, German, and Spanish.

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