FuseMail Email Management Suite

Scalable email security with advanced policy options

Comprehensive Protection A single malicious email can have a huge cost for your organization. Implement FuseMail to protect your business from email-based threats.

Security is at the core of FuseMail's email services. SecureSMART multi-layered filtering provides comprehensive spam and virus protection. Email Continuity service guarantees uninterrupted email service and regulatory compliance.

SecureSMART provides advanced threat protection with 99.9% effectiveness and less than 0.01% false positives.

ContinuitySMART Email Continuity ensures users always have access to send and receive messages even in the event of a mail server outage.

ClickSMART URL Protection adds another layer of security by preventing users from clicking on suspicious email links.

Benefits of FuseMail Simple and effective email management with scalable options for custom policies, multi-layered protection, and emergency failover.

Effective Threat Protection

FuseMail SecureSMART is a cloud-hosted security platform with six layers of scanning that an email must pass through before being delivered.

FuseMail provides protection against known and developing threats based on rules, definitions, and heuristics. This includes identification of emails with viruses or malware, spam, bulk mail, phishing, and spoofing. In addition, image analysis, large file handling, URL protection, and advanced policies can be used to further refine filtering criteria.

Simplify Email Management

The FuseMail interface allows an administrator to manage and customize many aspects of the service for a fully integrated cybersecurity solution.

The SecureSMART service includes options to tweak settings and create custom content filters. Email routing functionality and multiple delivery routes can be configured to manage even the most complicated scenarios with ease.

Outbound filtering can be used to fulfill compliance guidelines and other content rules to protect company reputation. ContinuitySMART provides continuous email service for up to 90-days so that your employees are never without access to critical business communications.

Improve Business Productivity

FuseMail's user-friendly interface and effective spam filtering, reduce the amount of time spent on email-related tasks for both employees and network administrators.

Fewer spam messages being delivered to employee inboxes can significantly reduce the amount of time spent sorting and reading emails. In addition, better protection from viruses, malware, and other email attacks means administrators spend less time doing damage control and more time on proactive measures and important projects.

Implementing email continuity ensures server downtime will not bring your company's operations to a standstill. With advance preparation and training, employees can already be familiarized with the Message Continuity system. Disaster recovery planning minimizes confusion and keeps your tech team from being overwhelmed with questions at a time when they are working hard to restore the primary mail service.

Protect Your Business Reputation

Because email is mission-critical to your organization, any downtime or data loss can result in serious consequences.

Without an email failover service, all emails sent to your organization would bounce back, leaving the senders confused and potentially causing you to lose important business opportunities. FuseMail Continuity SMART provides up to 90-days of email history and allows employees to send and receive emails directly through the FuseMail web portal.

FuseMail's custom outbound filtering policies allow you to implement organization-wide Data Loss Prevention measures (DLP). Options for disclaimers, policy-based TLS encryption, large file handling, and more provide help prevent sensitive documents or information from being emailed outside your organization no matter what device the email is sent from.

Works With Your Existing Network

There is no need to purchase new equipment or alter your existing network infrastructure. In addition, FuseMail can be configured to work with hosted email services like Office 365 and G Suite (formerly GoogleApps).

Webservio engineers will provide all information necessary to complete set-up of your FuseMail SecureSMART services. The process is simple with just a few changes to your DNS and mail server settings.

How FuseMail Works

Uptime Downtime
  1. All incoming emails will first pass through the FuseMail SecureSMART filtering system. Blatant spam is blocked.
  2. Hundreds of thousands of attributes are checked in every email to detect malicious attachments, suspicious links, and potential spam or phishing content.
  3. Custom filtering policies are applied to messages with the option of overriding other filtering parameters.
  4. Legitimate messages are sent onto the email server(s) while suspicious messages are quarantined for review by an administrator and/or employees.
  5. An administrator can log into the web-based portal to adjust filtering settings and other management functions. Users may also be given permission to customize their security settings.
  6. Messages sent internally (between employees on the same mail server) do not pass through the email security system.
  7. Emails sent from your mail server(s) to outside recipients will pass through FuseMail outbound filtering (if enabled). Emails with viruses or other suspicious content will be blocked or quarantined. Data protection policies will be enforced along with encryption if enabled.

FuseMail SecureSMART Protection Layers

FuseMail includes advanced filtering options to create custom rulesets can be created for inbound and/or outbound messages. Options include content analysis, attachment scanning, email routing, policy-based TLS encryption, and disclaimers.

Sender Reputation and Lists

FuseMail conducts multiple types of DNS checks, including SPF and DKIM. Bulk mail detection can be enabled on a domain-wide basis.

Domain-wide and user-level allow or deny lists can be utilized to override filtering controls. Entries can be added based on email address, domain name, or IP address, including wildcard characters. Denied sender emails will automatically be quarantined, and all allowed sender emails will be delivered.

Content and Attachment Analysis

FuseMail SecureSMART utilizes multiple anti-virus engines that are updated every minute with the latest known definitions. Intelligent spam filters are able to identify suspicious messages and send them to user-level spam quarantines.

FuseMail's ClickSMART technology detects malicious URLs or attachments that could link to a virus, malware, ransomware, or other attack. URLs can be rewritten or excluded with exceptions made by domain or IP address. Large File Handling can be enabled to detach and store attachements over a certain size limit. Users will be notified and provided with a download link.

Custom Filters

FuseMail allows the creation of custom policies for inbound or outbound emails. Policies can be applied organization-wide or restricted to specified domains, groups, or mailboxes.

Available conditions include any parameter of the email header, body, email size or length, and attachment type, name, size, or quantity. Possible actions include:

  • Filtering:
    Bypass spam filtering. Send a message to the quarantine and determine retention, user access, and notification settings.
  • Attachments:
    Attachments can be removed and stored or deleted.
  • Routing:
    Emails can be copied or redirected to another email address. Emails can be re-routed to a specific destination server.
  • Message Manipulation:
    Add a header, footer, or subject tag. Remove or modify the message header.

Data Loss Prevention Controls

When outbound filtering is enabled, FuseMail SecureSMART will scan outbound messages, including attachments. Custom filters can be added to check for specific keywords, attachment types, etc. A company-wide disclaimer to be appended to all outbound emails with an option for separate HTML and plain text versions. TLS Encryption can be enforced for all outbound messages or based on custom policies

FuseMail Email Suite Features

MX Record Sheltering

Three FuseMail hostnames will replace your existing MX records. This DNS configuration ensures that all messages pass through the SecureSMART system.

Inbound/Outbound Filtering

All inbound messages are scanned for viruses, malware, and other suspicious content. Outbound filtering can be enabled for an additional layer of protection. The FuseMail SLA guarantees 100% virus protection and at least 99.9% spam prevention with less than 0.01% false positives.

ClickSMART URL Protection

ClickSMART identifies URLs that could link to a virus, malware, ransomware, or other attack. URLs can be rewritten or excluded to prevent users from visiting a malicious site.

Attachment Defense

Manage message disposition depending on the type, size, or number of attachments, including the option to delete virus-infected attachments while keeping the email message.

Spoofing and Phishing

The option to quarantine inbound email for emails that fail SPF and/or DKIM checks can be enabled to prevent spoofed and phishing emails from making it to employee inboxes.

Message Quarantine

Quarantine digests can be sent daily or mulitple times a day. Quarantine retention can be set for any number of days up to 90 days. Certain types of messages, such as those from blocked senders, can be excluded from digest emails.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

With outbound filtering enabled, DLP controls, including disclaimers, can be enforced.

100% Uptime SLA

FuseMail is hosted in a cloud configuration across multiple locations to maximize reliability. Choose US or European data centers depending on your office location(s) to reduce latency.

Continuous Availability

All FuseMail solutions include a 7-day email spool. A 14-day email spool is available with Email Continuity.

Delivery Routes

Delivery can be configured to one primary destination along with up to four failover options.

Delivery Attempt Cycle

If your email system is unavailable, messages will be held and delivery re-attempted on a recurring cycle.

Instant Replay

Instant Replay allows users to re-deliver messages received in the past 14 days.

Email Continuity

When enabled, users can send and receive emails via the FuseMail web portal. A 90-day email history will be available.

Adding Users

Options to add users include Active Directory Sync with Exchange or Azure and SMTP Discovery. With SMTP Discovery a report on new users and aliases can be sent to an administrator. Users can also be added manually or by uploading a .csv file. A user cap can be enforced to prevent licensing overages.

User Permissions

Users can be given the ability to manage their settings, including aliases, spam sensitivity, quarantine digest schedule, edit sender lists, create custom filters and disclaimers. Users can also be designated as an Organization Admin with some or all admin privileges.

Group Policies

Allows Administrators to control inbound and/or outbound policies specific to groups of users.


Email templates for a welcome message, quarantine digest, and password reset are included in multiple languages and can be edited by the administrator.


Email logs can be viewed per user or group. Logs can be filtered by inbound/outbound, date/time recieved, status, sender, recipient, subject.


Pre-configured reports are available to view within the administration portal, and reports can be sent on a set schedule. Administrative level reports show total/percentage caught by domain, top senders and recipients.

Company Branding

Quarantine Digest emails and the web portal interface can be customized with your company's name, logo, color scheme.


Choose from English (US), English (UK), Danish, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish.

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