Edgewave ePrism Email Security

Reliable protection in the cloud made for the way you work

Email Security Made Simple Advanced threat defense to guard your network and data

Edgewave ePrism includes anti-spam and virus filtering for inbound and outbound messages along with emergency failover and data loss prevention. Edgewave is a perfect solution for small businesses looking to simplify their email management.

Edgewave hides your mail server address from the public, making it more difficult for spammers to directly target it.

The filtering engine includes Zero Minute Defense, which adds on average 200 new rules daily to stop the latest email-borne attacks in real-time.

If your mail server goes offline, Edgewave's emergency MX backup system will hold incoming messages for up to 160 hours. This valuable feature prevents emails from being lost due to outages or planned maintenance.

Benefits of Edgewave ePrism Take control of your email management with cloud-based filtering, failover, and data protection.

Defend Your Business Network

Protect inboxes from spam, viruses, phishing, and other email-based attacks.

Edgewave ePrism helps protect your office network, computers, and employee cell phones. Phishing and other email attacks are on the rise and can lead to data breaches, ransomware infections, or other costly consequences. Keeping viruses and other dangerous emails out of your employees' inboxes helps safeguard your office network.

Improve Employee Productivity

If your employees are receiving a lot of spam to their inbox, it can severely hamper their productivity.

Employing a spam filtering solution like Edgewave can significantly reduce the amount of time spent sorting and reading emails. In addition, you may notice faster download speeds when checking email since your mail server has fewer messages to process. If your organization does not have a filtering system in place or the current solution is not very effective, you should notice an immediate difference upon implementing Edgewave.

Simplify Email Management

Edgewave allows you to set standards for email security and data protection from a single interface.

Saving time on email management means that your IT team can focus on more important projects. Edgewave's administrative control panel allows easy access to all settings from any computer or mobile device. Employees can also control selected settings. With automatic updates, Edgewave is low maintenance and secure.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Edgewave takes the heavy load of message filtering outside of your business network, thereby helping to maximize your internet resources.

If your on-site firewall and mail server receive a high volume of spam emails, they are also consuming a higher amount of internet bandwidth and power. Edgewave is a hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that processes messages before they make it to your office network. Implementing a hosted spam filtering solution could improve your internet connection speed and reduce power your power bill.

Safeguard the Good Reputation of Your Business

Gain peace of mind about your company's data and intellectual property by implementing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Email Encryption.

DLP helps prevent sensitive data from being sent outside your organization. Encryption ensures that emails in transit cannot be easily intercepted or read by an unauthorized third party. Use these powerful features to comply with government regulations, like HIPAA and GLBA, and protect your customers' or employees' personal information.

Outbound email filtering adds a layer of security for your office network. If a workstation is infected with a virus or if an employee's email account is hacked, it could be used to send thousands of spam messages or even attack other computers. Edgewave scans every message sent out of your company network. If suspicious behavior is detected, a notification is sent to the network administrator so that the source of the problem can be identified and treated.

How Edgewave ePrism Works

Uptime Downtime
  1. All incoming emails will first pass through the Edgewave ePrism system.
  2. If a message is identified as blatant spam, it will be rejected. Other suspicious emails will be added to the spam quarantine. If a message does not trigger the filtering mechanisms and is deemed legitimate, it will be sent on to the mail server.
  3. A daily digest of quarantined messages can be sent to an administrator and/or employees. Users can log into their Edgewave account to view quarantined messages and release legitimate messages to their inbox.
  4. An administrator can log into the web-based portal to adjust filtering settings, update the white/black lists, view reports and logs, along with other management functions.
  5. Messages sent internally (between employees on the same mail server) do not pass through the email security system.
  6. Emails sent from your mail server to outside recipients will pass through Edgewave's outbound filtering (if enabled). Emails with viruses or other suspicious content will be blocked or quarantined. Data protection policies will be enforced along with encryption if enabled.

Edgewave ePrism Email Security Filters

The Edgewave Email Security engine employs Zero Minute Defense to maintain real-time protection against email-based threats. This sophisticated system combines human and artificial intelligence to analyze email traffic and accurately identify scams and malicous attacks.

Sender Reputation

For every inbound message, Edgewave employs Sender Reputation Tracking to detect spammers. A variety of blacklists, SPF checks, and other tests are performed to determine the legitimacy of the sender. Adaptive Threat Detection protects against network-based threats, such as DoS and DHA, by using greylisting and other reputation indicators. SPF checks can be enabled as part of Edgewave's Anti Spoof Protection.

Content Analysis

ePrism Email Security includes multiple levels of content analysis to identify suspicious email patterns, such as those subtle cues used in phishing and imposter email scams. Edgewave's proprietary Email DNA technology utilizes the combined intelligence of humans and computers to maintain a database of about 30,000 rules that is continuously updated to identify and block the latest emerging threats. Custom content filters can be created to block or quarantine messages with particular keywords or phrases in the message header or body.

Advanced Image Filtering uses analysis and dynamic feedback to check the validity and safety of images embedded in the message body. In addition, URLs and/or image links can be automatically disabled in delivered messages.

Other Restrictions

Edgewave can be configured to filter specific attachment types that are likely to be malicious. For example, any messages with .exe or .zip files could be automatically blocked or quarantined. In addition, the message disposition can be separately adjusted for PDF files that contain javascript and Microsoft Office files that contain macros, since these types of files are commonly used to execute an attack once the file is opened.

Language detection can be enabled to block or quarantine all messages in a specified language.

A restriction can be placed on total email size. This filtering criteria helps prevent emails with large attachments from being delivered to or sent outside your network. Emails above the limit will be bounced. Messages can also be blocked or quarantined based on language used.

Allow/Block Lists

Domain-wide and user-level approved or blocked senders lists will override filtering controls. Entries can be added based on email address, domain, or TLD. Users can also manage their own lists.

Compliance Policies

Implementing optional outbound filtering along with Data Loss Protection (DLP) policies helps protect against the accidental transmission of personally identifiable information in outbound messages. In addition, DLP is a necessary step to meet certain compliance standards, like HIPAA. Edgewave compliance policies inlcude filters for credit card numbers, social security numbers, and profanity. Templates specific to the health and finance industries are also included to save network administrators a significant amount of time compared to manually creating content filters.

Edgewave ePrism Features

MX Record Protection

The Edgewave ePrism records will replace your existing MX records. This DNS configuration ensures that all messages pass through the email security system. In addition, it makes it more difficult for spammers to directly target your company's mail server.


All inbound messages are scanned for viruses, malware, and suspicious content or behavior using a variety of filtering parameters. Optional outbound filtering is available, and DLP measures and/or encryption can also be enforced for outbound emails.

Zero-Minute Defense

Edgewave combines automated intelligence with round-the-clock human analysis to identify even subtle cues in malicious messages. New rules are created in real time to stop the latest email threats.

Spam Quarantine

Individual user quarantines hold messages that are likely to be spam. A digest email can be sent daily or weekly. The frequency and time can be set domain-wide by the administrator and also adjusted according to individual preference. Users can easily review the quarantine contents and click a link in the email to access the online portal if they see any legitimate messages that need to be released.

Control Filtering Options

An administrator can adjust domain-wide filtering settings to specify how to manage particular types of messages with one of these actions: Block, Quarantine, Markup, Allow. Optionally, users can be allowed to adjust these settings for certain types of messages.

Recipient Handling

Specify how to manage messages sent to aliases and unknown users.

High Availability

Edgewave's hosted filtering service includes four nodes in at least two geographic locations for better reliability.

MX Backup

Up to 160 hours of email spooling are included in the event that your email system is unavailable.

Delivery Attempt Cycle

If your email system is unavailable, messages will be held and delivery re-attempted on a recurring cycle.

Multiple Delivery Routes

Add multiple destinations for email delivery to accommodate multiple mail servers, load balancing, failover options, or other custom configurations.

Mailbox Discovery

Edgewave provides several options for adding user mailboxes to the ePrism system. Options include several criteria for SMTP verification or automatic creation for valid recipients. Users can also be added manually.

User Permissions

Edgewave ePrism allows an administrator to set global user permissions. Options include the ability to release quarantined messages, manage their personal approved/blocked lists, edit select filtering policies, and more.

Statistics and Reports

Reports can be customized with multiple filters and layout options. All reports can be downloaded in .csv format.

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