Customized Message Automation

Design a full-service email management system that really works for your business.

Message Routing Intelligent email handling to streamline your email management and improve organizational efficiency

Webservio's Email Routing systems may be used to deliver messages sent to the same domain to multiple mail servers or recipients based on customized rule sets. This type of functionality allows you to take control of your company's email and direct messages to the appropriate department or person.

Webservio's Message Routing system includes multiple nodes in two different locations for better reliability.

Work with our email specialists to create custom routing settings that will achieve your email management objectives.

Improve security and compliance by utilizing Message Routing to encrypt or archive specified emails.

Benefits of Message Routing

Improve Organizational Efficiency

Message Routing is highly effective to organize large volumes of emails and keep track of what's important.

Instead of having a complex structure of aliases and role-based accounts, your company can utilize Message Routing to ensure the right emails go to the right people. Routing can also redirect automated emails or bouncebacks to prevent inbox clutter.

Utilizing Message Routing for email organization saves valuable time that would have otherwise been spent sorting messages. In addition, important messages are not be overlooked. When Message Routing is combined with IzzyMail email hosting, you can even route emails to specific folders.

Simplify Oversight and Collaboration

Custom email filters can copy messages to managers or teams so that everyone is kept in the loop.

In a busy organization, it is important for everyone to be on the same page with accurate information. Using role-based accounts or expecting everyone to remember who to CC is an inefficient method, sometimes resulting in overlooked messages or an embarassing situation when the wrong person is included in the message thread.

Message Routing is a powerful tool that can change the way your company uses email. Inbound and outbound emails can be copied to teams or managers using a variety of conditions. Instead of having an inbox flooded with unnecessary emails from multiple accounts, you can quickly see what's important and keep abreast of the various team projects.

Policy-Based Archiving & Encryption

Message Routing can also be used to facilitate email security, compliance, and data management.

Message Routing can be used in conjunction with Message Archiving to ensure that copies of all or just specific types of messages are saved in a separate archive location. Choose whether you archive inbound and/or outbound emails. An email archive is invaluable for legal hold, eDiscovery, compliance, disaster recovery, and more. Using Message Routing rules to only archive important emails can significantly reduce the amount of space required, which in turn reduces cost and search time.

Another capability of Webservio's Message Routing system is email encryption. The routing system will encrypt specified messages and can even send them to a separate email system with more advanced security measures. You can also automatically encrypt outbound messages sent by your employees. Encryption reduces business risk and liability by protecting your clients, employees, and trade secrets.

Easy Configuration with Your Existing Network

There is no need to purchase new equipment or alter your existing network infrastructure to utilize Message Routing.

Webservio's Routing service works with any type of mail server or network configuration. It can be used with your existing email security service, and complex configurations with multiple mail servers or domains are not a problem.

A Webservio consultant will work with you throughout the configuration process to coordinate with engineering. This team will create the correct rulesets to achieve your company's email management objectives.

Message Routing Rules

Webservio's email routing service is highly customizable. Each rule can include multiple parameters using AND logic. The disposition is applied to all messages that meet the criteria.

Basic Parameters

  • Email address of sender or recipient
  • Domain of sender or recipient
  • IP address of sending mail server
  • HELO of sending mail server
  • Date and time (specified or range)
  • Day of the week or month (specified or range)

Advanced Parameters

  • Message header information
  • Keywords in message subject
  • Keywords in message body
  • LDAP group of sender or recipient

Basic Actions

  • Copy message and send to other email address(es)
  • Redirect message to a different email address
  • Redirect message to a different mail server
  • Delete message

Advanced Actions

  • Copy message to an email archive
  • Encrypt message
  • Add disclaimer
  • Add email signature

Message Routing Features

Customized Routing Rules

Create custom email routing rules based on a variety of parameters. Multiple parameters can be applied for each rule.

Inbound and Outbound

Choose whether Message Routing is applied to inbound and/or outbound emails.

Duplicate or Redirect

Send a copy of the email to additional recipients or redirect the message to an entirely different email/mail server.

Email Encryption

SSL certificates available to ensure outbound emails are encrypted with TLS. More advanced encryption options are also available.


Emails can be copied to a separate archive system based on custom policies.

Multiple Routing Systems

Multiple routing systems in two geographical locations provide maximum uptime and reliability.

Spam/Virus Protection

All inbound messages are scanned by SpamWeeder Premium email security or another filtering option. If you already utilize a cloud-based filtering system, it can be used instead.

Delivery Queue

If the recipient mail server is not available, messages will be queued and delivery retried on a set schedule.

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