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Webservio is proud to be a Mimecast partner offering spam filtering, email continuity, and archiving fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook.
Our exclusive SpamWeeder Premium service now offers outbound filtering capabilities.
Webservio now offers a more secure and reliable shared hosting option: Premium Shared Hosting.
Webservio acquires the client base of Infinity Webhosts.
Webservio announces the launch of our updated Email Continuity website.
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Email continuity ensures business continuity by maintaining email communications throughout primary server outages.
Mail Bagging services are combined with continuous email communication to provide the ability to access critical email and to receive messages during primary server downtime.
Email Security Icon Email Security
Email Security provides complete email protection.
By coupling SpamWeeder with Mail Bagging, your backup MX record will be guarded from malicious email and spam while your legitimate messages are safely stored during any primary mail server downtime.
Mail server backup
1:Preventing emails sent to you from being bounced back or returned to the sender as undeliverable by providing a backup mail server in the event your primary mail server becomes unavailable.
Emails sent to you during the primary mail server downtime will be bagged until your server becomes available.
2:Disaster recovery solution for reliable mail backup. Backup your MX records.
Mail Bagging is often referred to as:
MX backup, backup MX, backup mail server, backup email server, backup MX server, backup MX service, backup mail service, email backup, backing up emails, backup mail, backup smtp, exchange server backup, exchange failover, backup MX record, second MX, secondary MX, mail server failover, backup mail spool, mail spooling, or email spooling.
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